Find the parking spot. We pay for it!

We know how hard it is to get parking in Cape Town CBD and how a bother it can be to pay for it as it is getting more expensive year after year.

At MacWave we are delighted to take that load away from you. For every parking our customers will do on the streets of Cape Town, MacWave will cater for 1-Hour as we assume that, 1-Hour will be more than enough for our customers to transact any business at MacWave without rushing.

The Parking receipt shall be paid upon successful business transaction (purchase) and shall be deducted from the final invoice receipted. The parking funds are not transferable and neither can they be redeemed in cash.

With this advantage, you can drive to the Cape Town CBD with a total peace of mind knowing that the only problem shall be to get the parking spot. But paying for it? we got you covered.

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