MacWave Repair Terms, Conditions and Service warranty
By accepting service: from MacWave you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and you agree to them and all applications.
1. Services and Diagnostic fee: MacWave offers free diagnostic with any successful repair. The fee is mandatory to be paid on service booking but is refunded after successful repair to cover part of the service cost. If you decide not to have any repairs or services after the device is diagnosed and deemed repairable there is a R400 decline fee to cover handling and technical assessment labour. The Fee is waived away if the repair job is approved and processed.

2. Payments
: payment for repair will be on cash  in Advance CIA / Cash on delivery C.O.D. Device shall only be released after receiving full payment of the Job card total due amount and settlement of storage charges if any. Exception is for 30 day account corporate clients.

3. Collection:
 MacWave shall ONLY release the equipment to the bearer of the equipment Job Card or  following a correspondence from a registered email. In the event of failure to present the Job Card, MacWave reserves the right to demand for such idenity as considered fit and necessary before release the equipment.

4. Storage Charge /Collection Period
: MacWave will impose a storage charge of R30 per day for completed Jobs. These charges commence after 3 working days from the day the job was completed and client fully notified by email proof. MacWave reserves the right to resell any equipment which is NOT COLLECTED within 30 (thirty) days from the date of completion noted above. In such event customer acknowledges that she / he shall have no claim whatsoever against MacWave..

5. Risks:
 MacWave is NOT liable for any loss or damage on customer’s equipment due to unforeseen circumstance such as fire, thefts and or any other event which are beyond MacWave control. While MacWave takes all precautions to avoid any physical damages on the client device, in some sophiscated jobs some scratches and dents may occur in the process of repair.

6. Customer Inspection
: The Customer will assess the physical condition of the device on booking it in at MacWave. The booking form will identify areas of dent or damage (if any) on the device. Upon collection, the Customer must inspect the equipment thoroughly and immediately notify MacWave of any damage prior to removing the equipment from MacWave premises. Under no circumstances shall MacWave or its employees take responsibility or be liable for physical Marks or Damages on the device noticed after the device left MacWave premises and signed received in good order.

7. Data and Files
: While MacWave Cape Town takes every precaution to avoid unnecessary erasure of customer’s data and files, the customer is advised to perform file backup prior to booking the equipment at MacWave. MacWave  makes no warranty expressed or implied with regards to preservation of data and shall not be liable in any whatsoever for any loss of data or software restoration. MacWave is not responsible for pirated, illegal or unlicensed software or media loaded onto Computer that is in for repair.

8. Warranty:
 In servicing your equipment, our technical team tackles only the repair service described on job card and that is the only area our service warranty covers, MacWave warrants that services will be performed in a professional and timely manner. All repair services with the exception of Water Damage repairs, spyware, adware or malware are warranted for a period of 6 Months (at the discretion of MacWave upon rechecking of device in question.)
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