Partner with MacWave for Apple Mac parts supplies and advanced technical repairs

             Reseller Partnership Benefits
  • Purchase discounts that increase with partner level
  • Assured professional Mac service & client satisfaction
  • Earn from anywhere through referrals. No regional limitations
  • Save money on technical man power while we repair for you
  • Pre-sales & front desk telephonic technical support
  • Free collection and delivery countrywide
  • Use referral earnings as credit to finance future repairs
  • Swop your broken or dead Macs to finance new or future repairs

MacWave engages technical companies in Mac repair services and parts supply, providing services and parts at discounted pricing.  We specialise in advanced circuitry and operate as 3rd party confidential Mac repair specialists to technical hubs around the country. We boast a one year warranty on all repairs and we encourage that warranty to be extended to the enduser with all confidence and trust that it will be honoured.

In this partnership, we become your contracted Mac technical hub and Apple Mac parts supplier, repairs are paid on a monthly statement tenure and parts are paid on a 48 Hr statement tenure. All prices are discounted and tailor-made to partner tier level.

We do encourage providing our free technical support telephonically to Mac clients at your front desk on matters that may need expert response. For example, the client comes to you, describes a technical problem that you may not be 100% sure to respond effectively, you just connect him on the phone to us as your technical department, we render that support over the counter telephonically to your client and advise you on the next steps of booking in the device and how much it’s going to cost.

The client leaves the device with you, we collect, repair and send back. collection and delivery is freely catered for by MacWave (Please read the Ts & Cs associated with delivery and collection at the bottom of this page).

Then we also have a referral partnership where companies do not engage the client directly in any paperwork but rather just refer the client to MacWave for repairs and parts. MacWave collects countrywide. Therefore as a referral company, you can earn from anywhere. Your referral has no regional limitation. The procedure is simple, you send us an email that you have a client named David coming in for Mac liquid damage repairs and we on the other hand keep waiting to receive David or have to collect from him and proceed to deal with him directly. Here you have the task to convince David why he should repair with MacWave and ensure that the referral is successful.

For referrals, MacWave pays the referral company, 10% commission on all service/ parts purchased as a result of your referral. The process is very open and transparent. You get to have all invoices of the clients at the time of transactions, with one copy heading to you and the other to our accounts department. Referral commissions are paid in 48Hrs after transaction with client name and invoice number as references. All referral agents are open to follow up on their clients to see that the service was done and the client is happy and to ensure that all their commissions were fully paid.

The referral agents have the benefit of avoiding all warranty hassles and paperwork related issues, making it easier for anybody to be able to take that option.

MacWave Partner Tier Cards


40 Plus repairs a Month

Free Collection + Delivery, 12.5% on parts, 50% on repair services


 30 -39 repairs a Month

Free Collection + Delivery, 12.5% on Parts, 40% on repair services


20 -29 repairs a Month

Free Collection + Delivery, 12.5% on Parts, 35% on repair services


10 - 19 repairs a Month

Free Collection + Delivery, 12.5% on Parts 30% on repairs Services


1 - 9 repairs a Month

Free Collection + Delivery, 12.5% on Parts, 25% on repair services

Terms and Conditions
  • Collection and delivery advantage applies to metropolitan areas. Outbound Areas may incur extra charges at the discretion of the courier company
  • Free collections and deliveries are not insured, if insurance may be required, It can be arranged at extra costs to be incurred by the client.
  • Partner level status is not permanent, subject to go up or down depending on partner monthly performance
  • No collections beyond borders, such collections and deliveries are catered for by the related company).



The parts supplied by our Company are replacement parts sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products are replacement for or may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products are replacement for or may be used.

MacWave is not affiliated with Apple Inc.California USA or its Trade Marks in South Africa.

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