Operating Technical TQM policies and standards


We do not believe in numbers of technicians in the Tech Lab, we elevate the factor of quality to be ultimate. It’s a Policy to keep the numbers to the minimum but paid very highly to deliver premium standards that we have built our Pillars on.


The biggest asset in repair is the brain that is gifted and mandated with the task to direct the equipment into proper use, but without proper and up to date equipment, the brain is handicapped. It is a policy to ensure that our Tech Lab is 95% equipped with the equipments needed to ensure efficient delivery.

Technical Service Excellence (TSE):

Technical Service Excellence (TSE) is a policy that was introduced in Mid-2015 to ensure that whereas we have internal Supervisions and Approval of each completed repair, the final Supervision and Approval is honoured to the client. Without his/her approval signature the task remains incomplete.

Visualised Technical reporting:

It is a policy to ensure a complete client visualisation of every minute of the repair task, through administrative status reporting directly from our website, from the task booking stage to the delivery or collection stage.

Time Factor efficiency without compromising quality:

Through years of practice, we have engaged the culture of timely delivery in all active internal organs of the company from Procurement, Sales, Service booking, and Maintenance to Delivery. To achieve time efficiency especially in the Technical department, we allocate different tasks to respective experts in the Tech Lab. This helps in reducing assessment time which is always the one factor that compromises timely task delivery. It also enables us to ensure that more tasks are delivered on the same day with a maximum of 24-hour time-line for cases of delayed delivery.

@MacWave We believe that only a sophisticated team of professional experts should be trusted to handle your Valuable Asset.

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