Mac users Frequent Questions

My Mac has started to run slow should I upgrade ?

This is relatively different across users, depending on the configuration of your Mac. ( on a side note, if you use your machine for extended hours, it’s advised to restart the machine once in a while or at least perform a PRAM RESET, single longer work hours could result in reduced performance ) With some of the Mac line-up, you can increase either the RAM or get an SSD in place of a traditional spinning drive, however, this option is only available to older designs. So when your machine starts to slow down hardware upgrade is not the first step, as that will do little or no changes. its is important to note that we are only talking about cases where the user was previously okay with the speed performance of the machine, but gradually starts to slow down over a period of time, not the same as workload upgrade, the first approach to take in this regard is to back up your data and perform a clean macOS installation, and then only copy back your data without restoring your previous macOS, its totally okay, if you do not know how to go about this, Google is your friend, or better still any closest Apple computer shop, we would, however, appreciate if you let us do the job for you at MacWave.

I want to buy a Mac , which should I buy ?

This can sometimes be a tough decision to make, but not to worry. Apple has various options depending on your user preference. The Notebook line of apple includes MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs. The desktops include iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac mini. it is important to note that their desktops line-up is the best choice for heavy performance. Overall all the Mac line-up will offer amazing performance. in terms of performance, after their desktops line-up comes their MacBook Pros and then the MacBook Airs, so make your choice depending on your workload.

My Mac goes off randomly

One of the quick ways to diagnose this is to determine if you need a repair or a battery replacement is to have the machine plugged into power if your issues are battery related, the machine would not go off while the charger is plugged in ( The charger becomes the primary power source of your machine when connected, while the battery only receives charge but not actively the main power source ) if this is the case, then it may be time to consider getting another battery, but should the machine still go off even with the charger plugged in, then you should take your machine in for repairs.

I spilled Liquid on my Mac ?

Your best option after a liquid spill is to hurry to a repair shop, the earlier your Mac is attended to the better. After the liquid spill, your machine may still be working but it does not make it okay to carry on using it. Liquid damage may progress gradually, depending on spilled quantity, substance type, and direction, which oftentimes can get out of our control. You have a better chance at saving your Mac at the early stage of the spill before the board start to corrode, even though it might still work without resolving the spill, it is not advised. It’s cheaper to repair at early as the damage is still minimal and with a higher success rate.

I dropped my Mac but still works okay , should I be worried ?

Provided the machine is still working okay, you do not have to take your machine in for any repair, only when you notice any changes in performance.

My Mac fans are running wild , should I buy replacement fans ?

Usually, with fans spinning at full speed does not suggest they are faulty, but a response to a different section of the machine, mostly sensor related, usually comes with the machine lagging too, it is advised to take your machine in for an assessment.

My Mac does not power on

First thing to consider is what happened before and how it happened , was the machine dropped ? Liquid ? Power surge , with liquid even if it happened sometimes back, it could still affect your machine. When you have an issue like this, its best to take the machine for assessment. A no power Mac is very much open ended , there’s no specific solution to it, attempting could lead to further damage . When you take your Mac in for assessment , every detail provided goes a long way to help in resolving the problem.

My Machine do not have sound

This kind of issue can be open ended , the older Mac designs up until 2015 will make the chime sound when powered while newer do not , so the troubleshooting methods vary , one quick way to determine if you have an issue with your board or just system settings is to take not of your sound icon, see if its greyed out, if so plug in an head phone jack , if your sound icon returns you have a minor issue , but if even with the head phone jack your sound icon remains greyed out then you have an issue with the sound circuitry.

My machine does not charge

Plugged in not charging! battery not detected! Battery not charging!

Pay attention to the notification message, PLUGGED IN NOT CHARGING, BATTERY NOT DETECTED or BATTERY NOT CHARGING , usually there are about 3 reasons your machine would not charge, a faulty charger, a battery or a faulty mainboard. It is advised to take the machine in for assessment before you make any purchases

My Mac display is dead, Do I need a new screen assembly?

Before you worry about what to buy, you should first get to know exactly what the problem is, other than physical damage, Mac screens are very durable. First, you need to determine if it’s an issue of no DISPLAY or no BACKLIGHT, you can easily tap on the cap lock key of your keyboard for feedback, if the light comes on, then you get feedback, meaning there is posting taking place, you can further plug in an external monitor to see if you get the image . alternatively, you can take the machine in for a free assessment before you make a decision to order a new screen assembly.

My Mac powers up with a question mark

This is different across the Mac line-up. When you start up your machine, it would search for a boot path, ( macOS ) to boot from, an if this is not found, the machine will respond with a question mark, meaning,[ can not find a boot file ] This can be due to a corrupt macOS, a faulty drive cable in cases of older designs, a corrupt/faulty HDD /SSD drive or could even be that the drive is not properly connected. This can also happen when you accidentally erase your drive. One easy way to determine if you have a macOS problem or drive related is to power up the machine, and then hold down the option key until you get the boot menu if your drive pops up here, you only need to reinstall your operating system but if not, provided its not a newly installed drive, then you have to make your way to the recovery partition. At Macwave, we can easily tell what the issue is by booting the machine from a test drive.

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