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All Mac devices booked in for circuit / Board repairs automatically attract a 20% price discount on parts used while in repair or parts replaced while still in repair irrespective of whether the parts are related to the service or not.

Please fill in valid infomation in the repair booking form below and submit it to get your device booked for repair.

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Apple Mac System Over Heating repairs

We do Apple Mac System Over Heating repairs in South Africa for Apple Mac computers, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini,Mac Pro and iMac. We collect, repair and deliver same day in Cape Town and next day nation-wide,South Africa.

This is a case for Mac devices which over heat, and that would slow down the performance, There are several reasons why a Mac would over heat. At MacWave we would help you resolve this problem regardless of it being just cleaning out or replacing the system fans and the heat sink , reapplying thermal paste or board level.

We understand how important your Mac is to you, and what an important part it plays in your day to day life.We believe that only a sophisticated team of specialists should be trusted to handle your valuable asset (Mac computer). We demand our team to engage in consistent provision of outstanding service from the lowest level to the top.

Board-level Repairs on Macs done at MacWave

  • No Power Repairs
  • Backlight Repairs
  • Display Repairs
  • Liquid Damage Repairs
  • Sound Repairs
  • Battery Related Issues Repairs
  • Just Beeps (Repairs)
  • Mac Keyboard/ Mac Trackpad not Detected (Repairs)
  • WIFI/Bluetooth Related Issues Repairs
  • USB Ports Repairs (non-responsive USB ports)
  • Mac system over-heating Repairs
  • Fan Over Spinning
  • Randomly Freezes Repairs
  • Random Reboot/Shutdown
  • displaying (?)/Drive not Detected
  • Logic Board Repairs


Above is only a brief insight of some of the repairs done at MacWave, bottom line, whatever issues on your Mac we have a solution for you. You can also buy Parts from here!


   Official Benefits of dealing with MacWave

  • 1 Year warranty on all repairs except Graphics and Water damage related
  • Free life time Mac support and Mac technical check-up (diagnostics) for all existing clients

    • Qualified Mac circuit engineers and experienced service team
    • Same day service for most repairs including logic board repairs.
    • Affordable repairs and Quality Parts
    • Free collection and delivery countrywide for repairs
    • Highly effective technical TQM Policies and Standards


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