Mac12 | Certificate in Advanced Mac Circuitry

Mac12 is a program designed by MacWave to create or replicate technicians relevant to the Mac repair industry.

It’s more of a replication program, that is impacting our know-how in the repair industry into others, as a repair company we have gathered so much experience in our day to day transactions over the time together with our knowledge in computers, which made it easy for us to deliver to the public.

We work on these devices on regular basis and part of our give -back to the public is the Mac12 program.

The program is designed around filtration techniques, which is concentrating on the relevant and leaving out the rest to save time and to narrow down the scope of the course for easy grasp, this will ensure the students only worry about what would be relevant to them during the course of the program without any form of unnecessary ambiguity.

We would further make use of decoding techniques and yet preserving the texture of the course in its original form, but translate into languages understood generally, for example , in every schematic, there is a power rail, known as PP3V42 _G3H,  What this means is simply PP3V42= should measure 3.42volt and G3H means this signal must be present at all time in other words , whatever number is present before the V would be the actual volt expected and the number after the V would further be added to the volt as seen in  3.42 and where ever G3H is found it means that particular signal that’s its tied to must be present at all time, see ? That simple, now it’s easier for the student to relate with the like of this rails with ease.

The course is primarily structured around ease and straight to the point and yet with so much concern for producing the best in the repair industry.

Participants would be able to champion any given mac repair, either individually or as a team this is a guarantee at the end if the course.

We would be utilizing the repair structure we have in place, the man power as well as the tools we use in our day to day repairs.
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